The real Sichuan hotpot

All my life I have thought that a Sichuan hotpot comprised a pot of boiling soup made of some animal stock and spiced with Sichuan peppers, and in that I would cook a variety of raw meats. And the sort of Sichuan hotpots I’ve had, I was able to drink the soup at the end of the meal, which by then was delightfully sweet with the essence of all the meats and vegetables I had cooked in it.

But during my recent trip to Chengdu, I realised how wrong I had been.

The real McCoy, as I had discovered in a hotpot specialty restaurant just behind InterContinental Century City Chengdu, uses a pot of boiling chilli oil.

ImageThe eating process was a delight, as the oil was mind-blowingly, tongue-numbingly spicy and the Australian beef slices were fresh.

But my body was just not used to ingesting so much oil in one sitting that I hurled up my entire dinner when I returned to my room that night.

What a shame. :(


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