Mango mania

There are many things I loved about Bangkok, but in a city that throws up something new and fancy very regularly, my only constant love is its mangoes.

Mango season in Thailand, as I was told, is in April and May. But for some reason, one could find the sweetest and juiciest mangoes no matter the time of year.

So there I was on the lively streets of Thong Lor in October, and salivating over this precious mountain of golden globes.


I bought a couple, and discovered to my great delight they tasted as magnificent as they looked.

Along with my love for mangoes is my equal fondness of mango with sticky rice. Common as this dessert may be, the dish is never complete unless both components – the mango and the steamed glutinous rice – are done immaculately. That means the mango has to be sweet, fragrant and juicy, with the right firmness, while the rice has to be chewy, warm, sufficiently moist and topped off with a drizzle of savoury coconut cream.


It must require some skills – and cooperation from Mother Nature – to create the perfect mango with sticky rice.

I had this dessert for every meal (except breakfast, only because I’m hardly a breakfast person) over five nights in Bangkok, and I’m still not sick of it although I’m paying for my gluttony with an expanded waistline. :)


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