The sexiest park on Earth

I arrived in Jeju yesterday afternoon and caught a quick nap to make up for a lack of sleep throughout the overnight flight. When I woke up, it was already past 4pm and I decided to visit a nearby attraction before the sky darkens.

A quick look at the map and I found my destination – Jeju Loveland.


Opened in 2004, Jeju Loveland is a park with 140 sex-inspired sculptures. And I do not mean sculptures that are vaguely shaped like sex-related products or actions and which require much pondering to understand what the sculpture is trying to say.

At Jeju Loveland, the sculptures whip their messages right in your face.

I was greeted before the entrance by a marble replica of my best friend:


I was so tempted to strike a more vulgar pose, say, one that involves me sticking out my tongue at a specific part of this marble sculpture, but I was afraid I’d give the man who was wielding my camera a premature ejeculation. Already, he was grinning from ear to ear when I approached him for help with a photo.

After snapping this shot, the man urged me to go to the washroom. Whatever for, I asked. He grinned on and pushed me in the direction of the washroom. “Look!” he said excitedly.

And I saw what he was so eager to show me:


Right. Any woman who needs a pee must first perform a hand-job.

The man grinned on and nudged me to go into the washroom. In halting English, he told me to look through a door inside. For a moment, I thought some woman would perform peeing in one of the cubicles and decided against looking into any cubicles – I’ve had enough of chancing upon women who pee without shutting their doors in Kunming. But the enthusiastic man refused to let me exit the washroom and insisted I look through a door.

I finally realised there was a peephole on one door and looked through. It was a cartoon depicting a blowjob.

The man laughed heartily when I emerged from the washroom and then left me alone. Very interesting chap.

Stepping through the gates of Jeju Loveland, I saw this beautiful piece:


More sculptures of women in sultry poses followed, and most of them were of women yielding to men.


I was starting to think that the perception of women as sex objects sounded too strongly at Jeju Loveland, until I saw a few sculptures that depicted terrified males with heavy women. Good to know that the park did not just portray the female species as subjects to be dominated during sex. :)


There were some hilarious displays in the park too, like this one showing a couple making out in a car, which rattled along to a woman’s erotic moans and screams. Just then, a great photo opportunity presented itself when a group of men came by and peered inquisitively through the windows. Peeping toms! :)


There was also this piece that made me pause in my tracks and wonder, “Wow. Really?”


Putting Jeju Loveland’s lusty art pieces aside, I found the park quite nice for strolls. I guess the cool weather helped. The park has a large pond in the middle of the park and loads of trees and flowery shrubs around. Most of the visitors today were elderly women who giggled among themselves, and couples of all ages. I saw also groups of people in suits, no doubt conference attendees who had a bit of time for some fun.

Admission costs 9,000 won (S$10) per person, and you must be above 18 years old to be admitted.