Just a moment, please

So I’ve been silent for several months now, although I have two trips to share since my last post in February.

You see, I’m pregnant.

Well, I discovered I was pregnant soon after returning from my Spring holiday in Japan. The weeks before the discovery saw me being a tad uncomfortable. I’d get motion sickness from using my smartphone and the computer, and from watching TV. And I’d be exhausted by 4pm everyday and had to go to be once dinner is done, otherwise I’d throw up.

It was the smart husband who insisted I take a pregnancy test, as he was sure something was brewing. :)

So, the morning I was due to fly off to Shanghai for a business trip, I took the test and – voila – life has never been the same since then.

I’m enjoying every moment of my pregnancy now, along with all the discomforts and odd symptoms that come along with it. Having a bun in the oven means travel will have to take a backseat till baby’s out and I’m settled into the pace of parenthood.

Meanwhile, once I’m in a more comfortable state, I’ll sort out the ton of photos from the Spring trip in Japan and our brief babymoon sojourn up in the cool, misty mountains of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.



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