Supanniga’s super crabs

Love crabs (the kind from the sea and not from one’s pubes)?

I do.  Very much.

So imagine how wonderful it is to have a menu dedicated to crab lovers at Bangkok’s Supanniga Eating House.

Some items on this new menu includes humungous clumps of real crab meat cooked in garlic, salt and pepper and a crab version of hor mok (below).

ImageMy army of hungry companions and I ordered every item from this menu, as well as several dishes from the regular selection, and went to heaven with every morsel we savoured. The crab dishes were done so well that we ordered second rounds.

Supanniga Eating House is definitely joining my list of must-gos in Bangkok now.

Good luck finding this restaurant though, as it sits in an inconspicuous three-storey shophouse along Thong Lor. :)



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